Friday, December 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 Coast to Coast NY to SF

Halloween my favorite day or weekend of the year!! This past Halloween I was blessed to be able to start in Brooklyn at the Crazy 3rdward party, then take the always adventures Halloween NYC subway ride to play music and party some more in Manhattan on Saturday night, get on a plane Sunday morning and continued later that night in the Mission and Valencia districts in San Francisco on Sunday night. Monday night the city was filled with GIANTS, and finally Tuesday night was the famous Day of the Dead parade in the Mission, which has grown in the past 2 year since the amazing Castro Halloween parade got!
I was armed with a V-mask, my Toro Diana 120 film camera, and a Lomo Action Film Camera( shoots 4 images onto one 35mm frame, fun lil camera I picked up a couple days before Halloween at the Lomo store in NYC. Unfortunately a couple times one of the flashes didn't go off which leaves a blank square in the frame. Below are images of the 4 day adventure.....




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  1. very cool! i liked the leopard!! and the scary scarecrow

  2. YES! Leopard was on top of a garbage can in the subway BK..
    Scarecrow was walking down Valencia st in SF..
    glad u likes!

  3. Amir , Fantastic pics the Leopard , the Peacock, the clown (freaky)the Salvador dali'ish pics, You always capture the moment.
    Keep that shutter going and blessings to you and Family .Donovan